Vision FAQ

1. My Bike has a Stumble around 4000 rpm, how can I get rid of it ?

This is a fuel related problem. look at the following components to solve the problem,
Carburetors: Completely cleaned of any dirt internally, correct jetting, fully syncronised, Adjust the accelerator pump to spray properly.
airbox: make sure the flapper is operational and functioning properly.
vacuum hoses: tight, no leaks anywhere and that includes the yics chamber.

My Bike isn't charging, battery keeps going dead etc.

generally caused by a malfunctioning stator or voltage regulator. see the electrex troubleshooting chart @ fully charged battery 12.6 volts with the key off. charging 13.2 minimum over 2000 rpm. see the links pages.

Starter problems, won't crank over or slow cranking. -see starter clutch faq.

things to check: fully charged battery - 12.6 volts with the key off all cables and electrical connectors Starter Solenoid connections and operation. starter possibly full of oil, leaky starter seal) See the starter repair page

Leaky Fuel tank, petcock problems

rusty tank repair using por-15 kreem not recommended. petcock rebuild kit for 82's and 83's they are different. try

brake problems, spongy front brake, not enough stopping power. adding better performance

Brake Hydraulics are bad, contaminated brake fluid, worn seals. rebuld the calipers rebulid the master cylinder replace the pads, resurface the rotor(s) flush brake fluid every season. install braided stainless steel lines. install ferodo brake pads

exhaust problems, rusted exhaust, where can I find a replacement ?

The stock system is not available from Yamaha, there are several options for repair\replacement. custom buld your own from scratch. install a MAC system find a used one through ebay or the junkyard. replace just the muffler(s) with an aftermarket such as supertrapp or ???? install a new predator exhaust -see the links pages

Ignition problem, no start\spark, tci issues.

Things to check are the ignition switch and fuses. The starter cutout relay, the connections to the tci unit and lastly the unit itself. while they are somewhat repairable, it is difficult and should be avoided unless you have experience working with solid state circut boards. 2 of the typical failures are the unit getting wet inside or one of the diodes failing. replacement diodes can be had at radio shack for about 3 or 4 dollars. for the wetness problem, wd40 sprayed into the unit and allowed to dry out for a day or so can sometimes bring it back.

Starter clutch issues, knocking in the engine at low speed, start cranks but engine not turning over.

worn or broken starter clutch. for how to repair it, see the technical pages replacement bolts, use locktite, peening bolt ends over.

Cooling system problems, runs hot, overheats in traffic.

Thing to check; Thermostat, you can pick up a cheap replacement at any autoparts store, just ask for a 1986 chevy nova unit. make sure the vent is up when you install it. The cooling system needs to be bled, there is a bleeder fitting underneath the tank on an aluminum casting. I typically fill my bike up there with a small funnel and a bit of patience. The fan is not coming on, check the harness to the temperature switch, with the key on, test the circut by grounding the blue wire at the sensor. The fan should start running at that point. you've now verified the fan operation as well as the relay. one way to test the sensor is to place it in a pot of boiling water and using an ohmmeter check the resistance across the contacts, it should be open until it gets up to 180f or so and then have continuity across the contacts when hot. lastly a possible plugged radiator.